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SATSCOUAE-Shabab Abyad Technical Services Co. is a dedicated provider of property maintenance services in Dubai providing a full range of building maintenance services across a wide range of trades all over Dubai. We provide building maintenance services to both commercial and domestic customers so whether you are looking for a Dubai Plumber, an Emergency Electrician, a Handyman or a painter and decorator we are able to provide a maintenance solution for your needs.

Shabab Abyad Technical Services Co.

All garden and swimming pool maintenance services are custom-designed to suit our client’s tastes and lifestyle in Dubai.

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What Our Clients Say

SATSCO UAE offers the best Pool, Garden Installation, and Garden maintenance services in Dubai.
The landscape designs at my office more than I expected. Being a busy person, though I couldn't spend much time at discussions, the team has captured my vision and brought me a design that exceeded my expectation. I would like to recommend STASCO UAE to everyone who is looking for a landscaping company in Dubai.
My garden has turned out great! I came to know about SATSCO through a friend of mine. They have designed my garden. The gazebo has become my favorite spot where I spend most of my day. Gazing my new garden gives me immense pleasure! You can choose SATSCO UAE for all your garden and maintenance work! I guarantee there will be no regrets!
Let's Beautify Your Garden Together!

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Begin by defining your goals and preferences. Consider factors like budget, desired features (patios, gardens, water features), and maintenance requirements. Consult with a professional landscaper to develop a plan. Costs vary widely based on project size, complexity, materials used, and labor. It’s recommended to request quotes from multiple landscapers and discuss the budget upfront.

In the quest for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle, eco-friendly landscaping has emerged as a powerful avenue to create beautiful outdoor spaces while minimizing ecological impact. To embark on a successful eco-friendly landscaping journey, it is crucial to invest time in research and education. Seek reputable sources such as environmental organizations, horticulture experts, and sustainable landscaping websites. Understand local ecological conditions, plant species native to your area, and the potential challenges faced by your landscape. Learn the core principles and philosophies behind eco-friendly landscaping, including the importance of conserving resources, choosing native plants, and promoting natural ecosystems. Discover local organizations, workshops, and professionals specializing in eco-friendly landscaping, providing guidance and support for your sustainable projects.

The concept of sustainability has gained significant importance in various industries, including outdoor living design. The use of sustainable materials in outdoor living spaces not only promotes environmental consciousness but also enhances the overall design aesthetics and functionality. By integrating eco-friendly materials, outdoor spaces can be transformed into sustainable and inviting environments that harmonize with nature and reduce the ecological footprint. Sustainable materials are typically sourced, produced, and used with minimal negative impact on the environment. They can reduce the depletion of natural resources and minimize greenhouse gas emissions associated with their production. By choosing sustainable materials, outdoor living spaces can contribute to a lower carbon footprint.

Choose native plants that are adapted to your region’s climate, which reduces water usage and maintenance efforts. Implement efficient irrigation systems and consider environmentally friendly materials for hardscapes.

Visual aids such as pictures, sketches, or magazine clippings can help convey your vision. Effective communication ensures that your landscaper understands your preferences accurately. For any consultation, you can contact us at +971 55 109 0415

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