Plumbing & Irrigation System

Irrigation is an artificial method of water to the soil to assist the crops to grow. Irrigation is a very crucial component in SATSCO UAE. We at SATSCO UAE have ensured that our irrigation engineers have the right skills and are well-versed in developing automatic irrigation systems with the latest water-sufficient technology.

Before installing the irrigation systems in your garden, our experts will carefully assess the peak volume requirements and weather conditions. This will help them to decide on a suitable watering system that will suit your garden.

Additionally, this watering system should be sustainable and economical. Our team of experts at SATSCO UAE will develop and customize the irrigation systems according to the design of your garden.

We do the installation of one or a combination of the following irrigation systems;

  • Drip irrigation
  • Spray irrigation
  • Sprinkler irrigation
  • Micro-spray irrigation

To facilitate this process of irrigation, we install various centrifugal pump stations in the horizontal or vertical configuration that use multi-stage.

Irrigation system installation

We all know that water is life, especially in areas where the landscape is located within the harsh climatic weather condition like in Dubai. For a homeowner to ensure that not even a single drop of water is wasted, the owner should have to use proper mechanisms to save this precious resource.

Having this greater awareness and concern overconsumption, we at SATSCO UAE, ensure that we design irrigation systems that maximize water usage efficiency. And that they are automatically controlled to apply the exact water quantity required to maintain the landscape.

Why choose us?

We take pride in the positive comments that we receive from our customers. We have a good track record of offering nothing but the best services to our customers. We provide, faster, reliable and high-quality irrigation services.

Our customers are our priority and we ensure we listen to them and provide the exact services that they need. We also advise them on the best irrigation systems that are suitable for their landscape.

We are committed to ensuring that our customers receive fair prices for our services. Also, we not only do the installation of irrigation systems for our customers but will also do maintenance and repair services. So in this case, our customers can enjoy a variety of irrigation services all under one roof.

Therefore, we warmly welcome you to our company as we offer nothing but the best landscaping and irrigation services in Dubai. SATSCO UAE is a fast-growing landscape company in Dubai, maintaining its commitment towards quality, customer satisfaction and outstanding services.

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